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 Treatment abroad

with «Medicina Mira» company
Dear visitor, welcome!
We offer organization of efficient checkup, treatment and rehabilitation in specialized clinics abroad, childbirth services, health resort treatment and getting the second opinion from expert.
We organize treatment in the best hospitals of:

The fastest organization of treatment

Reliable clinics


Payment to clinic"s account

Clinic’s price lists


Free consultations





Orthopedics and Traumatology
Organ transplantation
Ginecology, IVF
Cardiac surgery
Plastic surgery

Our company provides treatment of various diseases in the specialized foreign hospitals according with current medical achievements and advanced technologies.

Our main purpose is to provide really high-quality treatment for you in specialized clinic and following up by a qualified doctor with extensive experience in treatment of the disease. Personal contact with the clinic staff helps us to solve tasks instantly. You can be assured that provided treatment will maximally match your medical case, request and budget. Our detailed studying of the medical services market, variety of clinics, specialists and applied techniques allows us to do it.

We undertake all organizational issues related to the trip and save your time. Patients who contact us have an opportunity to feedback to the clinic after treatment.

We are sincerely interested in your recovery and good medical services.

We are glad to answer all your questions and help you to choose the most suitable clinic and a specialist.


Director of "Medicina Mira"



Why Choose Us?


Our work is guided by the principle: do the best for the patient. We aim not just saying but make a reality of it.

Doctors with great practical experience work at the company "Medicina Mira".

We personally visit clinics abroad and know in what clinic we direct the patient and to what expert.


How to start?


1.     Contact us: call, email or appointment in our office.

2.     Based on your medical history and the results of existing studies we form the request to a clinic or hospital best suited to your case.

3.     Within the shortest possible time, we get the answer including a preliminary plan and cost estimate of treatment. The leading experts
      consider your case. At this point, you start to get acquainted with your doctor.

4.     We solve organizational tasks (flight, hotel) and accompany you.

5.     Representatives of the clinic meet you at the airport.Initial consultation of professor is carried out. Follow-up examination is carried out if
      necessary. Treatment is provided.

6.     You are escorted.



At the airport, driver meets the patient and his accompanying person. Depending on the prepared schedule and the time of arrival, the patient is taken to the hotel or directly to the clinic for an initial consultation.

After treatment, transfer takes the patient to the airport.


Personal interpreter accompanies the patient at all the stages of diagnosis and treatment.


We book the hotel in advance. The choices of accommodation is great. As a rule, patients prefer to stay at the hotels near the clinic. On the day of hospitalization, the patient checkout from the hotel.


You can pay both by cash (dollars, euros) and credit card.

Mobile communication

Mobile providers offer quite favorable roaming rates.

Public Wi-Fi allows you to use e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber.



Head office:

13 Antona Valeka Str.

office 402



Tel. +7967 909 88 88

Skype: medicinamira

Email: doctor@medicinamira.ru

«Medicina Mira» is always in touch with you!


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